Become a Class of 2019 Senior Rep

Application Information

Summer 2018, Wild Tea Photography is hiring a team of enthusiastic, unique, talented reps to be apart of our Senior Team. As a senior representative, you help market Wild Tea Photography to your friends, and in return you can earn cash and free senior portraits. You also get exclusive complimentary photoshoots and other goodies. 

How it Works:
To earn free senior portraits, you have to refer three friends to Wild Tea Photography for their own portraits. A successful referral counts as someone who has booked a shoot, paid their session fee, and has had their photoshoot & reveal. If you're accepted as a rep, you'll pick out and pay for your desired collection of prints and digitals. Then, once you've referred three people, we'll reimburse your full amount! If you only refer one or two friends, you can still get reimbursed one third or two thirds of your collection amount. 

What if I'm so fab that I refer more than three friends?
Reps who refer more than three friends can choose to receive either $50 cash on a visa gift card, or an additional $75 print credit per referral. 

All the Rep Incentives:
-Your $125 session fee is waived!
-Your family receives a $100 giftcard towards family portraits for Autumn 2018. 
-Participate in our Senior Team photoshoots early in the summer.
-Free admission to our Summer Scholarship Workshop. Head photographer Kaitrin received sixteen scholarships in high school and college and will teach you her process.
-Need a letter of recommendation for a scholarship, job, program, school, etc? We adore our reps and will write sensational things about you.
-Complete three successful referrals, and your selected collection of prints and digitals is free.
-Refer more than three friends, and you can earn money or additional prints from your shoot. 

Do I have to look a certain way to be a rep?
No! You can be any size, shape, height, ability level, gender, sexuality, race, etc. We are body positive and inclusive. 

To Sign Up:
Sounds awesome? Fill out an application form here. 
Read more about our senior photoshoots here.

Questions? Reach Kaitrin by texting 860-861-8244 or emailing

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