New baby on the way? I can imagine how you're feeling. In love. In awe. Tired. Amazed. Excited. Enamored. Also tired. 

New babies change so quickly. Soon, those tiny fingers, perfect wee feet, and adorable little ears will belong to a happy, babbling baby, sitting up all on her own. Then suddenly, he'll be a toddler. Then a running, laughing, talking KID. In the beautiful blur of watching your child grow up, your memory might not hold to the details of that wonderful, teeny-tiny human. But the images we create will do exactly that. 

I adore new babies. I can't get enough of the tiny grunts, giant yawns, and squirmy little legs. Creating tiny basket arrangements, picking out wraps that match the color of your nursery, and making creative backdrops make newborn portraits one of my absolute favorite things to do. During the shoot, my husband Alan is my assistant for arranging awesome backgrounds and assisting with lighting. 

Our newborn photoshoots are relaxed and unhurried. You can hang out (or nap) on our studio room couch, and we'll pamper you with hot teas and snacks while you watch the photoshoot. 

Most newborn shoots are two to three hours, and we can take as many breaks as needed for your baby to eat. Our shoots take place in our home studio, and you are welcome to feed your baby right on our studio couch, or we can set up a private room for you. 

We'll set a tentative photoshoot date about two weeks after your due date. If the baby comes much earlier, much later, or needs a little extra time in the hospital, no worries at all. Once the baby arrives, we can figure out a more solid plan. 

Each newborn photoshoot comes with the option to add a Maternity or Fresh 48 photoshoot. A Fresh 48 shoot is when I visit you at the hospital or birthing place, usually the afternoon after your delivery. I take some photos of your first moments together, during your new babe's first 48 hours. When added on to a newborn shoot, a Maternity or Fresh 48 shoot is $175, and includes the high res digital images as a gift. 

About two weeks after your newborn shoot, we’ll hold your viewing premiere. This can take place right at your house, or at ours. We bring you fabulous dessert, and you'll get to see your images for the first time. You can select which digital and print products are perfect for you. On premiere night only, everything is also fifteen percent off our regular pricing. 

A session fee of $150 holds your place on our calendar, We have a variety of collections, which start at $400, as well as items a la carte. 

If you'd like to book a newborn photoshoot, call or text me at (860)-861-8244 or send us an email at 

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